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oh I love my employers, "oh I don't mind being found on google or whatever, I have nothing to hide".

Completely missing the point. Various groups have had nothing to hide until some despot decided they should be eradicated..

@ignitionigel i feel your pain. It’s selfish stupidity and nothing infuriates me more that “I’ve got nothing to hide”... Shows a complete inability to see beyond their immediate needs. How about just helping to protect the little privacy we have so that those that come after us can have a little too. Is it really too much for some people?

@coffee exactly. It’s not necessarily me I’m worried about. It’s my children, and the surveillance society they’re growing into which is being normalised.

@coffee I’m also aware I was being subtly mocked for my stance on WhatsApp/Viber/fbmessenger which they use.



I often get comments about the type of hat I wear lol.

It seems that the "sheeple"/"normies" miss the lessons of history about the exploitation and abuse of consensus data not necessarily by the current seat of power but by one that follows.

I think it is a given that our current communal reliance on data hungry private organisations that offer access to faux social advertising platforms will be taken advantage of in a similar manor.

The issue has evolved beyond that of just privacy to somthing much bigger, the normalisation of surveillance capatilsm and the vilification of non dependency
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@jason @coffee

When did what's popular instead of what's the best become socially acceptable?


Not sure but I think I know a couple of key dates of the escalation of this phenomena

The first is August 24th 1995

And then sometime after September 2006.

I may be wrong though

@coffee @ignitionigel