@tuxedocomputers 👀

I am installing Android Studio :)
Thank you to all people for donations 🙏 and to Tuxedo for their discount 👍
This computer is amazing! Incredibly fast.
I will publish more pictures in an article :)

@fragdenstaat Machen wir's wie mit der Überwachung, eigentlich sollten die doch nichts zu verstecken haben. Wo ist denn dann das Problem wenn das jeder weis?

« Das @BMI_Bund behauptet also, es gäbe für sichere, überwachungsfreie Kommunikation keinen legitimen Nutzen in Demokratien und z.B. #Tor sollte also verboten sein. Wie kommt man zu so einer Einschätzung? Mal per @fragdenstaat rausfinden. @torproject HTTPS://fragdenstaat.de/a/5886 »

— Retweet twitter.com/martinmodlinger/st

On the general topic of security, I also think it's hilarious that corporations can have internal "security training" courses that require FLASH to run.
Definitely not mixing messages there.

I hate the "own your data" meme in the decentralized social web. A friend of mine pointed out how useless the phrase is a few years ago and I agree. "Ownership" sounds an awful lot like digital "property", which is nonsense when moving from physical to digital stuff because copying doesn't destroy the original. The path you go down there is the path to artificial constraints like DRM. Yikes!

We should be talking about user autonomy instead. That's a much better meme.

Wieder ein schönes Beispiel, warum OpSec schwer ist:

Tweet von Cibo (@AcidRampage) um 19. Feb., 06:31

Some (7z) files from Collection #3 aren't... actually... 7z... but rather... CloudFlare error pages :'D
Hint: CloudFlare error pages contain client IP address and destination page
Hint²: 192.173.???.?
Hint²²: archive.???.?????
? = left as an exercise to the reader ;)


The Australian government, most recently famous for passing laws to significantly weaken their own cryptography, just had all their major political parties hacked by a state actor. twitter.com/stephendziedzic/st


"Here's my public key, you can add it to the ~/.authorized_keys file to give me access"

"No thanks, here's our private key, you can use it to get to any server"

I am so sick of #advertising that I want to throw up. 🤮 I'm sorry but it's a terrible business model. You're literally selling people's attention to companies that want them to buy shit they don't need. I disagree with anyone who says that ads can be acceptable or ethical. It's one thing to tell people about a cool product or service but it's another to manufacture needs and shove them down people's throats. #anticapitalism #ethicaltechnologies #socialism

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