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"Amazon-Mitarbeiter in Boston, [...] hören sich jeden Tag Tausende aufgezeichnete Gespräche von Echo-Nutzern an und schreiben diese ab. Ihr Auftrag ist es, die virtuelle Assistentin Alexa zu verbessern, etwa durch eine passende Verschlagwortung für das weitere Training der Spracherkennung. Sie hören dabei zwangsläufig aber auch private Konversationen mit - oder wenn jemand um Hilfe ruft"

Wer sich eine Wanze in die Wohnung stellt sollte nichts anderes erwarten.

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Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).

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@LibertyPaulM FOSS fundamentalist here. I don't want Mozilla to block this or that. I can do that myself. What I do want them to do is to stop tracking Firefox users with telemetry by default and without informed consent. Most Firefox users are entirely unaware that their behavior data is being sent back to the mothership.

I don't use Chrome and don't advise it. There are variants of Firefox which are better and don't include the spying by default.

Security and privacy isn't a dichotomy. You can have both.

Why do I have to use same Instant-Messenger everyone else uses? Why can't it be like Email? 😓

Why is it so hard to implement a Google Play Service alternative that is free and open-source?

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All 2.7 million recorded calls to the medical advice phone number 1177 (operated by the municipalities in Sweden) answered by the subcontractor Medicall since 2013 were found to be available to everyone on an unprotected web server.
That's 170000 hours of sensitive phone calls with symptoms, etc.

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~=8 Character Passwords Are Dead=~

New benchmark from the Hashcat Team shows a 2080Ti GPU passing 100 Billion password guesses per second (NTLM hash).

This means that the entire keyspace, or every possible combination of:
- Upper
- Lower
- Number
- Symbol

...of an 8 character password can be guessed in:

~2.5 hours

(8x 2080Ti GPUs against NTLM Windows hash)

#Hacking #Infosec

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Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.

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To the #degoogle and #deletefacebook advocates, the #privacy and #FOSS advocates, please consider contributing editing to #OpenStreetMap. I want a good and usable alternative to current popular #maps apps.
:yoshi_eat: :yoshi_tongue_mid: :yoshi_tongue_end: 🗺

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Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

Is it possible to use on a headless ?
I did "apt install kodi" but can't connect to a webinterface. Connecting it to a TV does not help either.

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What is up with these applications creating dotfiles in the home directory? There is a .config directory there and I was like: "Yeah, that must be the directory where everyone should put their dotfiles in there.", but nope. Not everyone...

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Whatsapp is "secure": they are pushing unencrypted "backups" even further now (you can't just skip this, but have to select "never" and then done to use whatsapp)

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Ahh the satisfying feeling of "come-uppance"...

Apple have now revoked Facebook's enterprise certificate, breaking their ability to distribute internal iOS apps.

It came after news broke of Facebook's dodgy "research" app that paid teens and young adults for access to all their Internet data via a VPN - using their enterprise certificate to bypass App Store approval, in a clear breach of Apple's rules.

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