If it works like I think it should, then only your followers can see your pictures. When they want to follow you, you have to give them permission to do so.
About the page fault, I don't have an anwser. Shouldn't be like that or @dansup intendet it to be like this.

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WTF?! My non-rooted phone had #Google Maps pre-installed, but I only use #OSMand for navigation etc.

Yesterday, I walked to a local restaurant, without using my phone, and had lunch there before walking back.

I never opened #GoogleMaps.

Today, I find a notification from Maps:
How was {restaurant name}?
Rate places to get smarter recommendations.

So it tracked and calculated where I ate without even opening my phone or the app.

Definitely time for #Pinephone / #LibreM

#privacy #Android

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Remote code execution vulnerability in VLC remains unpatched

The vulnerability is known to exist in the latest version of VLC on Windows, Linux, and Unix machines, but it is possible the bug is also present in past builds.

#privacy #security #vlc #vulnerability #infosec #unpatched #windows #linux #unix

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Windows 10 Privacy Warning As Edge Browser Data Issue Is Confirmed

TL;DR - Edge tracks and sends full URLs, user IDs, and other private info to Microsoft. Don’t use it.

#privacy #security #infosec #Microsoft #browsers #tracking #surveillance #edgebrowser

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Germany has banned its from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, because the companies weren't meeting the country's requirements. 

Has anyone some experience wie or is using it and can tell me about it?

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Anyone interested in joining in my vanilla Minecraft survival world? Right now im in the iron age. Got the basics. Theres plenty of food. Found an amazing cave system plus some spawners. Got a basic smelting system down. Itll be a lot more fun playing multiplayer.

@istvan I know of . I mainly.use it for documents but it also lets you upload photos. It is open source and encrypts your data. Free storage is not that much I think but can also be upgraded for a price. But no sharing though.
At crypt.ee

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echo $[RANDOM%9+1] > /dev/udp/lights.climagic.org/45444 # Send a random number to change the corresponding light on lights.climagic.org

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#Google to limit access to modern ad blocking extensions in #Chrome to enterprise users who pay for Chrome. Users are not pleased 9to5google.com/2019/05/29/chro

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Every bit of data that touches your Google account (including your private data on Gmail and Docs) is freely available to Google and those they work with for them to use, host, store, reproduce, modify and to create derivative works with.


@hund Glad I could help. :D
I got it from the book "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. I think that you would like it and until now I also can recommend it.

@hund You sure had your reasons for thinking so. In the end we have to try things out to be really sure.
But if the disappointments are happening too often you could try making a decision upfront, I recently heard of. If that thing you are interesting of is a "Hell, yeah!", go on. If not, it is a clear "No".

@hund Haha, I don't think so. For me the benefits aren't that great in comparison to the costs.

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"Bose Corp spies on its wireless headphone customers by using an app that tracks the music, podcasts and other audio they listen to, and violates their privacy rights by selling the information without permission, a lawsuit charged." – reuters.com/article/us-bose-la

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