@HexDSL Hey! I saw that you have some experience with gaming on Linux. Do you know how I could play Outward in multiplayer? The problem I have is, that I have the GOG version and it is necessary to use the GOG Galaxy Client to play multiplayer.

@Akzel Oh, nice. Didn't know about this. Thanks!
Would you say this video is a good tutorial? youtube.com/watch?v=MDr7L-XRd5

@Akzel Looks gorgeous! How did you install the mods?

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For those that don't know I work at Red Hat. I do support and my primary focus is on systemd.

As there's a massive misunderstanding across the board with , from what it actually is to how do I properly create unit files, I was thinking of trying to do kind of a recommendations and explanations one toot at a time.

So if anyone has questions or would like explanations please let me know.

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Understanding systemd #1

Contrary to popular belief is not just an init system. Take everything you know about older init systems and throw it out the window, that's what the systemd devs did anyway.

Init is one part of systemd but it also does things like process management, application resource management, cgroup implementations, containerization, networking, device management, etc.

I personally call it a full management layer.

@ozoned I see. Compiling the packages oneself wouldn't be enough because the software also has be written for AMD processors?

@Ghosty Honestly I don't know that much about CPU's. That's why I can't say anything. 😅

@Ghosty Oh, is that so? But then it wouldn't be a limitation, right? :D

@Ghosty I don't know either :D
Did you mean "Since most packagers AREN'T focusing on arm64"?

Are there any limitations to the because of it's ARM processor?

@friend I understand. But that scenario shouldn't happen often I guess.

@kensp Xiaomi's Pocophone F1 has very good specifications. And you can install LineageOS.

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