@hund Hey hund! Maybe you can help me. I am searching for a new keyboard. Right now I have a mechanical keyboard with Blue Cherry MX switches. I realised that they are too loud for my environment. I am looking for a silent alternative. Do you have any suggestions?

@Nesaijn Silent as in a regular keyboard with non-clicky switches or something with silent switches that's designed to be more silent than regular keyboards? :)

@hund If they are worth it, one with silent switches, I guess. My goal is to have a keyboard that does not annoy people in the same room and can not be heard over the mic.

@Nesaijn They're a lot more silent. Here's[1] a more indepth video about it from a respected user from the community. The typing tests starts at 2:45[2].


I would probably recommend some keyboard from Filco or Varmilo. Filco uses Coestar stabilizers that sound better stock, while Varmilo uses Cherry stabilizers that sound you can sound better with thick lube from like Super Lube. Or if you're okay with the sound stock, go with whatever.

@hund Wow, thank you!
So you are saying what I should look for Cherry MX Silent Red / Pink switches? And you recommend Filco and Varmilo? I would use one stock, so I would not fiddle arround with it.
Also it seems like I am not a fan of Varmilo's design. I like black keyboards more.

@Nesaijn What about this[1] look? :) They're called Cherry MX Red, not pink. The stem are light red, almost pink, so you can tell them apart from regular MX Red and MX Red Silent. :)

I do recommend them. Ducky and Cooler Master are two good brands as well. Where are you from? Maybe I can recommend an online store for you as well.


@hund That one looks cool!
I am from Germany. One keyboard I optically really like is the Razor Blackwidow Lite, but is a bit pricey for me.

@Nesaijn You're out of luck. It's out of stock with silent switches.

You can check out all keyboards with Germany layout here:

Candykeys is located in Germany by the way. :)

@hund I can't find one with a price I would be ready to pay. 😅 And it seems like you also out of suggestions. In that case I will wait and keep my eyes open. But you helped me to clarify what I want:
A black tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Red switches.
Thank you very much!

@Nesaijn Then I would suggest you look into Cooler Master. They make good entry-level keyboards for around €80-100. :)

@hund I can't seem to find one that I am happy with.
If found that one from Cooler Master, but it is out of stock and it I think it does not have silent red switches:

Is there a more common alternative to silent red switches?

@Nesaijn And no. Stay away from Razor (and Corsair). They cost way more than you're getting. :)

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