A friend of mine and I are thinking of running a Diablo 2 server, a game we love and that that also has a surprisingly large amount of players, given it's 18 y/o. Blizzard's servers are garbage, mined with bots and flooders, and I honestly don't see any legal or moral drawback in hosting a private, community managed server to provide fun to a very much still alive player base...

I stopped by some Linux gamers' streams on Twitch, and had a really good time discussing the state of Linux gaming and free software philosophy! 😋 🐧

@ChrisWere ever thought of streaming/recording games with subscribers? Crusader Kings II is free this weekend on Steam and it might be interesting for your audience...

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Trying out an Apt-Cacher-NG server in an old netbook I had laying around for quickly installing updates and common software in fresh :linux: Linux :linux: installs (plus saving some bandwidth). I hope this works! 😋

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Seeing non-tech and mainstream news sources recommend Linux as an option in lieu of Windows always makes me happy.

We need people to know there are OSes that respect your freedom and privacy. I mean not to mention the countless other benefits over Windows.


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More Linux out of the box: The Slimbook Curve All-in-One.

* Intel i5-7200 @ 2.5GHz or Intel i7-7500 @ 2.7GHz

* 8GB or 16GB RAM (32GB option available soon)

* Intel HD 620 4K Graphics
120GB SSD M.2 (with 250GB, 500GB and 1TB options available)

* Intel 3165 AC or Intel 8265 AC Wi-Fi

Their machines are offered with a wide selection of Linux's OS, and adding more day by day.

--> slimbook.es/en/store/slimbook-

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@Nachichuri Welcome to Mastodon! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

I'm new around here, I'm really looking forward to having a great time talking about FOSS and Linux! 🐧

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Just set up a rpi zero. You can configure the system when setting up the sd card so that it automatically connects to your wifi and that ssh is enabled....

Took a few minutes of searching to figure this out. Pretty cool. Already added syncthing and connected my laptop :)

Next will get a usb to micro usb cable to add a usb hard drive and set it up as a NAS as well


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..