I’m finally working again (yay!) and I really did consider that before I went back out into the world. I was kind of nervous to go back to interacting all day. I’m not fired yet, so I guess I’m socially acceptable to an adequate level ​:yay:

Living arrangements, housing, money... 


We would also like to do this eventually! We’ve just (a little over a week ago) sold our 2,000sqft house. Yay ​:yay:​. We plan to buy a probably between 600-900 sqft apartment or townhome that we’ll eventually rent out. The dream would be to have a similarly sized single family home though. If y’all end up doing it I’d love to see stuff about y’alls adventure on here. I enjoy not having much stuff, it can really calm a busy mind :)

Got some really nice outdoors time in today before the rain arrived 

This looks awesome :)! The bayous are one of the few thing I miss from Louisiana. Kayaking with the alligators :D.

@hund I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your blog! I remember reading it when I was 16-17 or so (so 10 years ago 😅). I signed up to fosstodon a couple of days ago. When I saw your name just now a great wave of nostalgia came over me. I'll for sure check out linuxkompis. :) Have a fantastic day, you sure made mine.

Thanks for the welcome back! I’ve been renovating my house and preparing to move cross country so I haven’t been around much... but I’m almost moved and ready to do Linux thing with my Linux friends again! ​:yay:


That's true for me too. I do like ranger, but I also like to keep pcmanfm ....just because, options! Sometimes I just want a GUI and I won't apologize 😋

I need to do some major file reorganizing and felt nostalgic for a double pane file browser. I found this little gem and am just playing with it. It seems to work really well on Ubuntu Mate.

Requesting ideas:

I have an SSD with windows on it from back when I built my computer 3 years ago and was still scared Linux wouldn't be all I dreamed. I think it's safe to say that I'm never going to use it at this point 😋.

What would you guys do with an extra 500G SSD?

I offer my almost completely untouched ArcoLinux for . I haven't done anything you make it fancy so far, but I've been enjoying it! 🙂

Wow... that IS exactly how I've been picturing you, though 😋

@Piejacker875 @ChrisWere
I've never played before so I didn't quite know what creative vs. other types of servers were. Thanks :). I looked that up and I'm reading about it.

Ok, so in your Minetest videos you are building these huge castles and things. Did you go mine and make all of that material, or in creative mode you just have access to all of it right away?

Anyone else have a situation in Gentoo where Chromium never finishes emerging?
It's like cats and boxes! If it fits, I sits! Who knew zombies ♥️ boats?

Lovely, as always 🙂 . So glad some keyboard components made it in there or I'd be worried about you.

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