I offer my almost completely untouched ArcoLinux for . I haven't done anything you make it fancy so far, but I've been enjoying it! 🙂

I just completed my first even gentoo install :gentoo:!! I know it's only in virtualbox and it's not much to look at yet, but I did it and had a blast :yay:!

Special thanks to my favorite person on Mastodon, @hund. It only took him over a year and a half to convince me I wasn't too noob to try.

:linux: :yay: :gentoo: 🎉 :linux: :yay: :gentoo: 🎉

So, I went a little crazy with the VMs today 😀. Decided I'd make them a part of

- Manjaro budgie
- Deepin
- openSUSE Leap KDE
- ArchLabs i3

My favorites today were openSUSE :opensuse: and ArchLabs :archlinux: . Easy installs and had the most fun playing in them!

Happy Sunday :linux:

I know this in not Linux related, but I'm very excited. It's really happening. My house will be paid off before the end of the year! 100% debt freedom is imminent! 🤣 🙌 🎉


For all that were interested - I got MX Linux up and running on hardware tonight! Install was seamless. 😀 🐧

@vascocosta -- The only thing I would change so far: for my preference, it comes with waaay too many programs out of the box. I'll be paring down for sure.


I've been in VMs all weekend trying to find my next daily driver. I have really been liking MX Linux today ♥️ . Strong contender!


Playing with Manjaro Deepin in a VM today. Deepin is pretty different than anything I'd usually choose but I've liked it so far. Anyone had any good or bad experiences with it, especially the Manjaro version?


It's a good feeling when we wake up and remember that we don't have to be a part of things we don't agree with. We run our own lives and there is always a choice.


My first day trying out ProtonMail. So far so good. Something to check out if anyone is interested in a secure and open source email service. protonmail.com/



Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...