If you have any favorite Python :python: books, lectures, articles, blog posts, etc. I would appreciate suggestions! I know very little 😋

I'd rather truly understand transferable concepts than work thought syntax tutorials over and over. So info on broad concepts, data structures, algorithms, etc would be great.

I don't have a computer science or mathematics degree, so things that start rudimentary and ramp up as I go would be awesome.

Thanks 🤓

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@MereLinuxMortal the best way to learn python is "dive into python" you can read it online or buy a paper book. The 3 version is available as well. However, please check our I encourage you to try them and post your solutions and ask for some suggestions.

Thanks 😀! Looks very cool. Learning this stuffs feels like hitting to gym and doing reps for the brain.

@MereLinuxMortal you're welcome. I am trying hard to encourage programming, specifically with my

If you click on that hashtag you should see what we've had so far. Give them a shot. And if you want to try one and need help, I am sure you would get lots of feedback on that as well.

I’m over here like “what is a class, is that like when we go to school? Concatenation... so a conglomeration of cats is taking over the nation, got it. I’m pretty sure I understand all the ​:python:​ things ​:yay:​!” Leg day is gunna have to wait!

@MereLinuxMortal Nah, none of that is all that bad. Start small, and build one on another. That's why the first program is always a "Hello, world!" or something of that nature.

When computer software became a thing there were no computer teachers, only math teachers... so that is where the language comes from.

Just write something, when you do it for fun, you will own it just like reading.

@MereLinuxMortal It's not a book.
Neither an article.
Not even a surce where you learn python.
It's a website where you can train your coding skills.
It's really great when you don't know what to do with your new knowledge.

Thanks! That's perfect for me right now. I'm just starting and don't know enough to do much, but I still want to be practicing and not just reading and watching videos. :thinkergunsunglasses:

I did my first one 😀. It took me an amount of time that I will never disclose... but I did it and it and enjoyed it!

@MereLinuxMortal Haha! Some are verry tricky. I'm stuck at a c++ challenge where I have to add/subtract without using the + or - operator :D

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