I love your website ♥️ . All of it. The pretty neutral background colors and the green. Calming and simple without feeling sparse or dull.

I also really appreciated where you talked about all your favorite writing / word processing apps. I've not tried most of them. I love to write and stopped as "life got busy." I've just started trying to write a little something every day to reconnect with that portion of my imagination. Thanks for the inspiration on that!

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Aw, thanks! I really appreciate that. I go in spurts of working on it, but it has been pretty neglected lately, so you're giving me inspiration to give it some attention. 😺 I love to write too, but usually feel a little guilty when I blow off something else to write because I want to. But it has to be done!

What kind of stuff do you like to write?

You're welcome 🙂 . I used to write a lot of poetry when I was high school age. Right now I'm being very open with whatever comes out that day. I don't "try" to write any particular thing. So far it's been single scenes from a story (short story or novel), poetry, and most recently a description what of what it's like when watching someone dance pulls out emotions. I used to be a ballet dancer and I miss it a lot, so I think my mind is trying to tell me something there 😋


That's great! I like to be free style about it too. Interesting how dance stays with you in one form or another. 💚

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