I just completed my first even gentoo install :gentoo:!! I know it's only in virtualbox and it's not much to look at yet, but I did it and had a blast :yay:!

Special thanks to my favorite person on Mastodon, @hund. It only took him over a year and a half to convince me I wasn't too noob to try.

:linux: :yay: :gentoo: 🎉 :linux: :yay: :gentoo: 🎉

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@Linux @MereLinuxMortal @hund Congrats! It's a fun experience and possible gateway drug to the BSDs

@architect @MereLinuxMortal @hund

PS4 runs on BSD :thinkhappy:

Why did they not choose Linux at Sony?

Well, FreeBSD has looser restrictions than your typical Linux distro, so Sony doesn't have to contribute back to the project...

@Linux @MereLinuxMortal @hund
That's certainly one reason, but not being forced to release patches only really protects any of their IP that would potentially damage their position if Microsoft had access. It still only hurts them if they refuse to upstream **ANY** changes, as they effectively slowly fork the base OS.

If they planned appropriately, this also means that the PS5 (or whatever it's called) could have backwards compatibility trivially through jail(8).

@architect @Linux
I guess I waited so long because I wasn’t so sure it would be “a fun experience.” But it really was! Who knows, maybe next up is BSD. One day at a time. I’m still pretty much stumbling around in the dark with gentoo :P

@MereLinuxMortal @Linux Honestly, the BSDs are way easier than Gentoo, but portage is heavily inspired by the ports collection on FreeBSDD specifically (though this is an option on every BSD). It's basically a python wrapper to semi-automate the build process, as manual intervention is sometimes necessary.
On the BSDs though, you have both binary and source installation options. Definitely worth checking out at some point

Thanks! Gentoo is running in a vm. VirtualBox is running on my MX Linux :).

@MereLinuxMortal congrats. Gentoo installs are a great learning experience

Thanks :). I’m definitely learning a lot so far. More to go as I figure out how I’ll craft my graphical environment!

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