What an awesome start to Monday. Coffee :cupofcoffee: , Alice in Chains 🎶 , and Linux 🐧 ! Hope y'all have a good Monday too 🙂

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Thank you for reminding me how awesome linux is

I've been steadily using my linux desktop for audio recording, and because it works so well, I almost started taking it for granted!

*taking a moment*

It is pretty awesome, isn't it? Linux never judges me for my inexplicable need for change 😜 :linux: ♥️


Cool 😀 . I don't know anything about music production but if it's Linux and it works, I like it! What do you use for non music production? A different machine / partition?


Same partition, Linux only! Anything else is on my LineageOS phone, though longterm looking into the @Purism line of computers and phones. I also have a Mac Pro 2008 for my commercial recording clients

I don't really require a computer for what I do, other than connecting with people and businesses I work for, and nonlinear audio editing!


Yay! Linux all the way 🙂. I think I'll look into Purism for a phone in the future. I don't think I could switch to a laptop or pre-built pc though. I enjoy piecing mine together too much. It just feels too wonderful when all the different pieces come in the mail and you get to lay it all out and get lost in a tornado of components, tiny screws, and thermal paste. It's poetic, really 😜

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