You have been waiting for it.

It's finally happening!

Manjaro PinePhone Community Edition:

This looks very cool.

As stated by someone else on the page, we're are also interested in how ready this is for the non-power user.

How is integrity of hardware (and software) maintained during shipping. What is the #ethical status of #Pinephone? How is it designed, produced, where how are materials sourced etc.?

Thanks for tagging, we are asking in case someone wants to become a stockist in their local community. These questions will come up.

Looking forward to learning more!

Dear Team,

How are you doing?

On the above page their is talk about bugs or "specialties" that might affect the non-power user. Are you able to speak about those?

Open cameras/software have tended to produce less vivid and or blurry/grainy images. Does the camera/app bundled(?) with this #Phosh try to spice things up in this area? Understandable if no.

Is it 100% de-googled out of the box?

Has it been tested on older phones like the S3, S4, and/or their mini-variants? If...(1/2)

(2/2) If you need testers in this area we may be able to help, in some (albeit limited) capacity.

Great to see a new fully (? correct us if we are wrong) open-source OS for touch devices.

@dsfgs the only thing not open source is the wifi and modem firmware as far as we know.

Its a shame that some of the most important parts of some systems are closed source.

Makes us wonder about things, y'know?

Talk more soon, champs.

@dsfgs I dont think the camera app does anything other than capture image.


It would be lovely to have some GAMES

I would like KODI with IAGL plugin and Retroarch pre installed with some on screen controls.

But any multi emulator software as the ones used in #odroidgo advance would be great, even if they need external BT controllers.

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