Had a chance to work a bit more on @pine64's . Its coming along nicely if I say so myself.

@ManjaroARM Sad, especially as it is already more polished, has a wider set of first and third party apps and uses a more modern framework overall, not just in UI terms. Basically excludes manjaro if I have to recommend a distro for the #pinephone

@Alexmitter we would need a maintsiner willing to develop, package and test it.
We dont have that right now.

@ManjaroARM Thats a valid argument.I am sure phosh will find a maintainer in the Manjaro community sooner then later.

@Alexmitter @ManjaroARM I'd argue QT is more modern and featureful. Kirigami has been around much longer than libhandy (since 2015) and is still actively developed, and that Plasma Mobile itself has also been around longer and is in pretty good shape.

@ManjaroARM I'm paying very close attention to the #phinephone, love seeing updates!

@ManjaroARM Was the angelfish incompatibility with lima which caused it to not work patched in the packaged angelfish?

@briana good question. We package the tagged version with out patches

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