So. Who wants on the ?

We just finished putting together the very first alpha image with . Lots of stuff still don't work. We don't joke when we say it's alpha!

@Darks @ManjaroARM Have they even shipped a phone yet? Last I knew, it wasn't even available yet.

@Clifford AFAIK, they sent first and second batchs to customers…

@Darks @ManjaroARM
You are right. Last I heard the phone was "shipping" in September...but the end of October, no one had received anything yet. Phone doesn't sound so great though:

@ManjaroARM i would like to have gnome3 with all the librem5 apps running - on the Archlinux/ManjaroARM

@ManjaroARM I'm super keen! Does camera and phonecall functionality work?


I would be very interested. I'm using Ubuntu Touch right now but options are always good.


I would. Just need to get that scaling setup correctly, use the pinephone kernel patches, and get calls and camera working fully.

Would be nice to have the Ubuntu touch morph browser too.

Hopefully the external monitor support of plasma mobile comes soon too, so we can do full convergence. From what I understand, the plan is to get the desktop Plasma shell to launch when plasma mobile is plugged into a monitor.

Anbox would be nice, but not high priority.

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