How is the image for pinebook Pro looking if i might ask? 🤩

@Meatball We will let people know, when we actually have a Pinebook Pro. 😜

Wow, one would think you would be one of the first to get one

@Meatball Yeah. Was sadly not the case.
But the good part of that is that the one we do get, is the final product and not a prototype.

Well I guess we'll be getting our pbp at around the same time then! Just got a notice from DHL saying mine is on its way!

@Azt3c Sadly we don't have Pinebook Pro images yet. (we don't have a development device)

Well, I guess, as mentioned above, we will receive our PBP pretty much at the same time. I'll try out this image anyway, while playing with the image preinstalled🙂

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