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Happy weekend!

Suuuuch many Linux nerds noticed that Sonata Arctica have a new video out!

Yep, it's pretty "cute" 🙂

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A guess is that all of these developers are taking a HUGE PAY CUT to work on Godot rather than getting cushy jobs at big tech companies, which they are no doubt highly qualified for.

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MXLinux subreddit. passed 1000 subscribers. Yay!

BTW, don't let geeky introverts handle the "social" communications.

Sorry, haven't been present around on Twitter.

We are working on MX19 Beta3 which as Dolphin Oracle whispered to me might come shortly

Tons of great feeback on the MX-19 beta 2.1.

Going to do one more beta before we get to release candidate. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everybody for great testing and feedback!

We've just begun building Beta 2 and are making great use of the comments and suggestions.

The latest 56.2.14 security update for the 64-bit Waterfox browser has now landed in our main MX 17/18 and 19 repos!

All users of the browser are urged to update.

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Today we will look at MXLinux, what it is, and why you might want to use it.
6:15p EST

Thanks to Stevo in the middle of all the MX-19 work!

For Telegram users, we now have the current telegram-desktop 1.8.2 release in the main MX 19 repo as well as the MX 17/18 test repo!

Firefox 69 is there for you to update to in the MX updater.

Linux Quest: "MX Linux 19 Beta - Nirvana for Newbies".

In the meantime, waiting for the FINAL release of MX Linux 19, check out this video :thinkerguns:


What's cooking in the oven? mX 19 beta 1, that's what (coming soon).

Found a tricky way to build Waterfox browser 56.2.13 from source on MX 17/18, so it's now in our main repo!

Happy Debian Day! 26 years!

(MX Linux is based on Debian) :debian:

Congratulations to Xfce / Sean Davis (Xubuntu Technical Lead and Xfce Core) on the release of Xfce 4.14.


MX Linux uses Xfce-desktop by default.

Xfce's version 4.12 release is from 2015 and the years of working process is finally reaching the wanted milestone.

Xfce developers have been porting components from GTK2 to GTK3 amongst many other things to modernize the experience.

The much anticipated Xfce 4.14 is now cited for a release mid-August!

This is likely to be a great release for MX to exploit in the upcoming.

Good to see!

We're in the midst of developing MX-19 now for release this Fall.

Installed an early alpha of MX-19 on X1 Carbon 5th gen, and every single key and function works OOTB!

Nice not to have to chase drivers, fix key bindings and all that tiresome stuff. Well done.

Fancy a KDE desktop rather than Xfce on MX Linux?

It is possible and here's a smooth customization video from Desktop Linuxer with fun music! 🤣


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