MX-19 Beta 3 now available for testing (changes and fixes).





Next stop: Release Candidate - can you help us get there?

@MXLinux I have MX Linux 18 in a VM. How can I upgrade to the 19.3 beta? What are the repositories I should change?


Why not just get the ISO? The stable final will be here soon too, though...

@MXLinux Well, like to mess around. It's in a VM after all. I'll get the 19 official one when released. 😉

I was wondering, why is it not recommended to do a version upgrade in MX Linux? Like upgrading from 17 to 18 or 18 to 19 when it's released?.
Because, Debian on which MX is based can be upgraded from version to version.
What are the technical reasons behind not recommending a big version upgrade.


Everything is cleaner after a fresh install. It is definitely the recommended way.

You might like a rolling release model distros if what you seek is constant (and rolling) freshness. MX is more about stability.

@MXLinux I guess the best way to retain the configurations and settings is to maintain a /home partition. So that only /root gets formatted in a fresh installation.

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