Very cool!

Just uploaded a 64-bit MX 19 respin with a 5.3.9 kernel and new hardware support stack, for those with really new hardware that won't boot standard MX 19.

HTH, and feedback is welcome!


This is pretty awesome!

Did you know you can use antiX / MX family ISOs to boot other grub installations, if necessary.

Yup! The live boot rescue system is fantastic.


A monthly feature starts up again.

Just uploaded the November snapshot for MX-19


Normally the first snapshot of a new release would not be that interesting, but this includes Debian 10.2 update and all the bugfixes that we've discovered/fixed since the MX-19 release.

Want more information on the full-featured live-usbs available in the antiX/MX family of linux distros?

Here's a video just for you.


Nobody seems to be having any trouble with this.

Seeing lot of updates today on MX and / or antiX? Yep, debian just bumped up to 10.2 so you'll be seeing several today.

Nice to see a new addition to this great channel!

Stuck on Windows and need to make antiX/MX family live-usbs. No problem, try Rufus.

And this video here ==>

Triggered by a user's feedback!

The installer has been updated so that if you choose a swap partition that is already formatted as swap, it will not be formatted.

Little thing, but nice for you dual-booters out there.

Did you know we have RSS feeds?

==> Blog:

==> Reviews:

Easy way to keep up with what's happening.

Looking forward to reading this reviewer who knows what the word "critique" means...

DistroWatch reviews MX Linux 19, offers tips for manipulating PDFs, links to a explanation of Fedora's Modularity, reports on upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 features:


This should be fun!

Dolphin Oracle: if you are a @DestinationLinux subscriber, I'm guest hosting today!

Nice upgrade here.

Though MX focuses primarily on the XFCE desktop, we don't completely ignore other desktops!

We know have the latest Cinnamon desktop 4.2.4 available in the MX 17 thru 19 repos--install the basic desktop with "cinnamon-core" from the test repo in MX Package Installer!

He's at it again!

The popular password manager, KeepassXC, has been updated to the latest 2.5.0 release in our test repos for MX 15 through to MX 19!

Let us know how it installs and performs if you give it a try!

So just when you think the work is ain't! Good work by Adrian here.

Fixed a number of small bugs in some apps in newly released MX-19 (and MX-18):

MX-19 release is looking good no major bugs reported.

RC1 testing and reporting going very well - many thanks to all who are participating!

Many careful user posts have helped us make good changes as the review proceeds.

Nice job in the midst of the RC1 feedback circus!

For those users that prefer the Waterfox browser, we've updated it to the 2019.10 release in our main MX 17/18 and 19 repositories!

We've had nextcloud-client in our repos for a while, but Debian added it to their repos as nextcloud-desktop.

We've backported Debian's , and users should install nextcloud-desktop, which will remove the older -client version automatically.

The regular monthly security update of the Adobe Flash browser plugins was sent to the main repos today, and should soon appear as an update.

MX-19 Beta 3 now available for testing (changes and fixes).





Next stop: Release Candidate - can you help us get there?

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