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Pine64: PinePhone Pro.

A new flagship Linux smartphone!

A more polished Linux smartphone powered by a Rockchip hexa-core 1.5GHz SoC, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB of eMMC storage, 13MP / 5MP cameras +a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display.

The default OS is Manjaro Linux / KDE Plasma Mobile, but expect support by most of the operating systems already available for the original PinePhone.

What do YOU think? Will you pre-order?


MX-21: Installation video series by Dolphin Oracle.

--Whole disk installation:

--Installation with partitions:

--Installation on btrfs:

Answer to the question: "To go from the beta version to the final version, will it be necessary to reinstall?"

Dolphin Oracle on Twitter ==> No, although there might be a few manual adjustments to make if you want to align with the final iso.

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Tatu Ylönen - Linux using inventor of SSH (or openSHH) changed the IT-world.

Mr. Ylönen solved the password sniffing trouble of internet to start with.

Tatu Ylönen (Lic.Sc.) is another Finnish inventor, next to the likes of Jarkko Oikarinen (IRC), Linus Torvalds (Linux), Matti Makkonen (SMS), Monty Widenius (MariaDB, MySQL), etc.

Highly energetic appearance ==>

A new MX Fluxbox video, "Borderline crazy," reveals a style option within Fluxbox that is flexible and fun.

It takes over window treatment by suppressing the titlebar on all windows and opening options for the border that create a very sleek look.

A special edition of MX Linux is now available from cloud-based desktop/virtual-machine vendor

Details in the Blog announcement ==>

New short video about conkies and colors that applies to default MX as well as all versions of MX Fluxbox (Raspberry Pi used for demo).


MX-19.4 ISOs now available. Get the details here:

Updates for existing users will come through the regular apt update processes. Most updates are already in place.

Thanks to the intensive work of Sigi Vranšak there is now a new German translation of the Users Manual for MX-Linux 19.x. It will come through the standard upgrade process in the next couple of days.

Much appreciated!

MX-PackageInstaller joins the MX-tools available on the PI respin! Some rough edges with the MX test repo, but all in all its a great option for package installation on the Pi.

Also notice that the conflict preventing Date & Time from installing has been resolved.

For our new Pi users: the very fast Package Installer includes on separate tabs Popular Applications, Debian Stable, MX Test Repo, Debian Backports and Flatpaks.

Want to help out in a very real way the next releases of MX and antiX?

Come help test new partitioning features in a dev build of our installer.


You can test with existing MX 19 live systems. The new installer is in the test repo.

We're updating the files in /etc/skel that control the creation of a new user's desktop to match new default.

MX-Fluxbox update this morning shows a lot of "warnings." The warnings just mean that a package doesn't control those files anymore, but the directories aren't empty so they aren't being deleted. Subsequent updates won't have them.

Corrected image and patch are now up, other documents updated. Annoying.

Pulled the image due to a conflict. Rebuilding now, apologies.

Wrapping up the MX-Fluxbox Raspberry Pi Respin, release Saturday.


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