MX-Fluxbox: want to have the menu in your own language? 1) download the spreadsheet


2) fill in a column with your translations, putting the 2-letter language code at the top 3) get it to us--send a link, attach a file, email to manual AT

The new background rotation feature is set by default to go through the branded wallpapers.

To stop: Menu > Appearance > Desktop icons, double click "Set background rotation" and follow the direction at the top.

Updated MX-Fluxbox packages have started coming now through the repos. Remember to click

Menu > MX Fluxbox to get them copied to your /home folder.

Go to ~/.restore/fluxbox/ to copy and paste back any existing items you want to keep as you had them before the update.

If you use the Utah Salt Lake City repos (switch to them with mx-repo-manager if you want), you should be safe.

Mirrors will catch up over the next 12 hours or so.

Thanks and sorry about that!

Accidents happen...don't update for a while...

There is a repo package problem in the MX main not update...see this message for details.


"Not your mama's fluxbox" .

A new video that presents MX-Fluxbox 2.1 from installation to ... science fiction.


MX-Fluxbox 2.1 settings and apps released! Not just an update but a significant upgrade:


Conkies and conky management have been improved.

Dev fehlix has updated the entire MX collection, including converting to the new syntax, and there is a new Conky Manager.

Details in Blog post:


There is a switch in MX-tweak to turn on the user name space "sandbox" features.

Debian kernels have this disabled by default.

Debian 10.4 updates coming down today for MX and antiX users.

Beta testing of MX-Fluxbox 2.1 has begun, a *very significant* upgrade.

It will run for a few days, looking to release at end of the week. This beta testing is not suitable for beginners, sorry.

Announcement and feedback thread:


Thanks for the help!

mx-dockmaker beta is now in the repos for use with MX Fluxbox. It allows the user to easily create, edit, move or delete a dock.

Full Help file for first-time users. Feedback thread:

Image shows it in edit mode:

Love 'em or hate 'em, some of us got to use 'em...

Microsoft Teams now available in MX-PackageInstaller under "Messaging".

These folks put their business development aside for a while to try to help folks who have masks get them to medical personnel that need them.

And they are friends. Help em out if you can.


And worldwide the amazing

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