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Shade Darker

What to do? So many forced windows servers. Ran Ubuntu server, but the issues... What is my options besides cent os or red hat. Sad face... at least I have a good view of my baby. No worries Hun I'll be out of work in a few.

Maas made everything better. Js

What should I do at work today? I just have no clue what to do. Lol

I am sick of a woman that treat's me like shit.. see ya.

As you can see I like cars. I am looking for another fun car, the question is Japanese or German? Lost

Stay spooky friends. About 2 walk my pup with a clown mask on in the hood. Should be interesting.

I don't write code. I just repair trash so it doesn't end up in a landfill. Fair trade..

Trying to figure out pxe booting up thin clients from an Ubuntu server. Kill me please.

Anyone know the jb discord server?

Well shit! Forgot 2 back up Kodi!!! Nooooo! I mean really!! Nooooooo!!!!

I'll be installing snaps for a bit. Lol

Beautiful 17.10 MATE. I love you...