"Science is just a series of failures, so my channel is science."
-Jay (JayzTwoCents) 2021

I just realized something...
"...and find out how Ridge Wallet can keep your bulge down." -Linus

@nergal I didn't know it could livestream... but it actually can. Just gotta figure out how to do the rtmp thing in YouTube/PeerTube

But it's almost time for bed, so I'll figure it out today, and maybe stream tomorrow.

Anyone have an alternative to OBS that supports old Intel integrated gpus?

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@thor Economic downturn really means people have too much money, but money doesn't duplicate. Where did it come from?

I might stream some Trackmania tomorrow, If I can get OBS to work on my old integrated graphics.

Been feeling a bit down lately... it probably has more to do with the shorter and forever cloudy days of approaching winter than anything else.

On Twitter: 23 Likes, 6 Retweets;
Eeew that's disgustingly unpopular.

On the Fedi: 1 Favorite, 2 Boosts;
OMG this post is going to the MOON!

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