A little bit of an obscure problem, but where is the database for the developer options stored in a Lineage OS filesystem?

I accidentally created an emulated display that was using the android desktop mode beta options enabled, on a raspberry pi. It trapped the mouse on the emulated display, so I literally can't even unlock the "tablet" or do anything else.

Based on the trending hashtags, I would assume the to bridge broke or something.

When you can't see anything on your network with nmap, go through tons of troubleshooting... and then realize that you did a instead of a

Again... My videos gonna be late. It's not like they take more than a few hours to make... :blobcatamongus:
I guess its all down to our old friend;
:hacker_p: :hacker_r: :hacker_o: :hacker_c: :hacker_r: :hacker_a: :hacker_s: :hacker_t: :hacker_i: :hacker_n: :hacker_a: :hacker_t: :hacker_i: :hacker_o: :hacker_n:.

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