A while ago I said that the Mastodon website looked like a weathered asphalt parking lot, and I think it still holds true.
Put at LEAST some color in the mastodon in the top corner, the clouds, the "as seen on" logos, and the icons in the description section. It would make it so much nicer.
Also, quick side tangent, I don't think the purple looks as good in the iOS illustrations meant for a blue sky, the colors kinda clash. Maybe leave those blue and have the icon be purple? It would look nice.


Made some concept "art" to better explain why I keep saying the current website needs some color.

@Linux_in_a_Bit @gargron

its good also to keep a close watch on contrast levels across the whole site (which on Mastodon have got better over the years) for accessibility; too little contrast makes everything harder to read for those who are getting slightly older (40+) - maybe also allow light mode for these websites as well as main Mastodon UI?

@Linux_in_a_Bit @gargron

I use light mode all the time and text colours did get changed around 2017/18 (they were greyer before that) to make text easier to read..

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