Still isn't coverflow window switching though, so Cinnamon still wins! :ablobcatattention:

There is a rodent on your desk. You touch it daily. It squeaks in affirmation, as you look for the most aesthetically and functionally pleasing window switching mechanism. It cares not what you will pick, for it knows, your hand will end on its back either way.

Suddenly, as you're chasing the next digital high, you realize the rodent is not a friend, it is a tool, a tool that only occupies your mind, because you've been indoctrinated on its usefulness.

The next few days and weeks you spend contemplating on whether you've gone mad or whether the BIGMOUSEcorp truly poisoned your mind. No matter, you take the pill just in case.

In contrast with regular rodent killing medicine, this one is free. You grab it off the shelf and introduce it to your beloved Unix machine. It doesn't struggle, as you would've anticipated. It doesn't foam at its ports as you pat the monitor gently.

Now you find yourself in the Window Managers' domain. At first it feels off, disgusting even. The little animation and eye-candy it offers you will soon disable yourself. This is the land of pure functionality - pure functionality that breeds the most aesthetic value.

The keys beneath your fingers begin to make more sense than they ever did. The rodent sits by, idly, patiently awaiting your input. Now it knows, you do not need it. You choose to use it.

Disclaimer: This reply is not sponsored by the BigRodentKillingMedicine

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