Stolen from my old downloaded memes folder (I don't think I posted this one yet)

@Linux_in_a_Bit … with the small glitch in facts, that macOS updates are free of charge since … 2006ish, so your pic is obviously older :)

@goetz @Linux_in_a_Bit Yeah, they moved onto the hardware instead. Want a monitor stand? That's another $999! 😋

@trinsec @Linux_in_a_Bit Not saying that there’s no pricey stuff in their offerings. But opting for display stand is a bit different than needing to update your software.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Yeah, that's about right. I use to think that when I updated my Linux install back in the day.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Linux users voluntarily and happily update whenever they want (or need, because sometimes you get privilege escalation vulns)

@Linux_in_a_Bit :blobcatgiggle: Huh, but i never paid (directly) for a macOS upgrade :blobcatgiggle:

@stux @Linux_in_a_Bit starting from OS X Mavericks, Apple made all later macOS updates free as in beer, but before it you had to pay for every macOS update lol

Wow, I totally forgot that you still had to pay for Lion and Mountain Lion. I only remember paying for Snow Leopard (last physical release on disc).
@stux @Linux_in_a_Bit

@m @stux @Linux_in_a_Bit lest people think literally every update: you only had to pay for significant updates, which happened every couple of years. Incremental updates and patches were free

The paid updates were a bit like Service Pack releases on Windows in terms of amount of change/improvement

I mean, the last time #apple charged for a software update was in 2009 (which I happily and greedily paid for), but yeah. Apple's always fair game these days.

They're so greasy, they make Waffle House look like a bay area vegan restaurant. ;)

@Linux_in_a_Bit LOL literally that was the last drop that made me change back to linux.

Could Microsoft make windows more like linux in that regard?

@Linux_in_a_Bit linux users when the update wipes all their child porn

@Linux_in_a_Bit Chromebook: Man, that was a long 90 seconds!

Signed, Former Windows User

@Linux_in_a_Bit nice but is this from 2001? Apple pioneered free updates for commercial OSes.

I think it actually was, so...
Also, from all the other replies it seems more like you only had to pay for more major updates similar to Windows service packs and such.

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