@Linux_in_a_Bit is this suppost to contain games that are fully free as in have no nonfree dependencies, i.e itll disclude any unity games.

@potatoxel Probably, but maybe not. I've looked through a lot and from what I've seen there isn't anything like that (though I think there's still things like the Quake 3 engine and OpenRCT2 that require purchased game files for instance)

@Linux_in_a_Bit not too shabby, it lists [my]
Mechanized Assault & eXploration Reloaded :-)

@Linux_in_a_Bit yes, But practically speaking, most of those are not something you'd play on a daily basis. I've been in opensource gaming for a decade or so and know all too well that most people will typically choose between the same ~30-50 titles. Some games certainly have been overlooked, but a significant amount of them is just not well designed, fun, intelligent, balanced and compelling enough to attract a larger userbase.

@Linux_in_a_Bit and, while I may be wrong, in my experience foss alternative engines (requiring original commercial copies of games) and remakes of older proprietary games are generally way more popular than originally opensource games. There are few noticeable exceptions, and fortunately they're number is growing, as more and more developers be come interested in opensource/indie/community-driven projects, and releasing sources becomes a more feasible marketing choice.

@encelado Very true, but I think this also applies to any genre of gaming. People have massive steam libraries and stuff (500+ games isn't as uncommon as you'd think), but they only play a small handful of those games.
Most things like this follow the 80-20 rule in some way or another... 20% of the things get 80% of the attention.

@encelado I think it's mostly just that foss gaming is so much of a smaller niche that the 20% that 80% of the games are fighting over is incredibly tiny.

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