I have a very important proposition. :ablobcatattention:

Write about your favorite 💕 part of the Fediverse (ex: the amazing community) in a post and then add the hashtag :blobcatrainbow:

Then you can just go to the hashtag to find a collection of posts which will help people better explain what the Fediverse :fediverse: is, through simply the benefits of the platform, without going into grueling detail your average person wouldn't understand. :blobcat3c:

Some people on here are idiots who like to mess with you. :blobcatsweats:
That's why I like the amazing moderation features on many Fediverse programs, such as Mastodon. :mastodon:
You can block or mute entire instances or just singular people, you can use filter lists to block words you don't want to see, and much more. :blobcathyper:

@getindor @Linux_in_a_Bit But with more clarity I think one of the beauties of the #Fediverse is that people are free to say whatever they want, including racial slurs, and at the same time, I can choose to join a community that will hide such speech, or decide to self-moderating (muting, blocking) as I see fit. Everyone wins and gets to say whatever they wanna say and see what they wanna see


@Linux_in_a_Bit i love the fedi because i can easily set up an infinite amount of instances with the sole purpose of harassing other people 💓💕💗🫀 #fantasticfedi

@Linux_in_a_Bit I love that I can disappear, and when I come back, things are basically just like when I left.

I also love that this place rarely raises my blood pressure, unlike much of the rest of the internet, or IRL.

@Linux_in_a_Bit I wrote something about this but forgot to reply to this post.

Here it is, since it'd probably be better to collect all of these #fantasticfedi posts in the same place using replies:

@Linux_in_a_Bit I love that if one of the fediware devs goes bananas, not only will there be a fork due to FOSS, but instances are free to switch to a fork without missing a beat AND I can still switch instances as a last resort.


@Linux_in_a_Bit old post of mine, but I think it fits here quite nicely.

6 reasons the Fediverse is better than regular social media:


@garritfra @Linux_in_a_Bit The #5 is pretty interesting, it proves that birdsite is toxic on purpose.

I totally agree, i publish sometimes highly controversial content without the fear of being attacked.

One of my favorite parts of the Fediverse is that I don't receive multiple fake friend/follow requests every week.

What's your favorite part?
Follow the hastags to see other people's favorite aspects.


@Linux_in_a_Bit My favourite part about #fantasticfedi is that it works like email. You send stuff to your followers' inbox. They send stuff to yours.

It's got "mailing lists" built in, which are just group inboxes.

And it's got extensibility built in: a message can contain metadata that some servers may use and others ignore. If you want to have a social app for X, that's eminently possible to build.

This way, the #fediverse becomes richer than any other social platform.

@Linux_in_a_Bit Actually, my favourite part of #fantasticfedi is that since it works like email, anyone can run a server for as many or as few people as they like, which makes for nice communities with their own rules, which can still interact through the power of federation. But I think that might be mentioned by others.

@Linux_in_a_Bit my favorite part about #FantasticFedi is that there's an instance for just about everything. no matter who you are or what you do, there's a home for you. every instance has its own rules, culture, and community. some instances are pretty bad, home to trolls and bigots, but not to worry: you can block instances so you'll never have to see them again, or ask your administrator to cut them off so nobody on your instance will ever have to see them again

@Linux_in_a_Bit @salarua my favorite part of Fedi is actually the mfm art. I'm not on Misskey but it's a sight to behold


Fediverse is free, federated and full of cool people. You can socialize, chat, blog, share, host, stream, catalogue and much much more. All under your complete control and without any privacy compromise. Come join Fediverse, your own federated universe and bring your friends with you too

#fantasticfedi #fediverse #fedi

@Linux_in_a_Bit The favorite thing about #fantasticFedi is the amount of freedom and power it gives to it's users. You can discover/create anything you wish of, in one instance or the other.
There are so many possiblities with this world-wide technology we have, and I love new ideas related to it. 😎

@Linux_in_a_Bit Awesome idea ! What i like is that moderation is not driven by the greed of a sole multinational company. #fantasticfedi

@Linux_in_a_Bit Freedom from corporate censorship and tracking. Open minds people with different perspectives. Freedom of speech. Ability to create local instances focused on specific communities. That people have to eat their own cooking, so if you want to be in an instance with heavy moderation, then you sacrifice your own freedom but others still have it. Or, if you have no moderation, you have to hang out with the sort of people that attracts.


@Linux_in_a_Bit #fantasticfedi absolutely love the custom emojis in different instances


@Linux_in_a_Bit It's "social media" by the people and for the people, i.e. without the giant-friend-in-the-middle farming bad emotions for money

@Linux_in_a_Bit It's difficult to say what my FAVORITE part of the Fediverse is, but this recent discovery has to rank among them (and I haven't seen anything like it yet in the replies).


"So the day after I signed up for an account on, somebody on shared one of my photos. And that's how I discovered that my Mastodon account can follow my Pixey account."

@Linux_in_a_Bit #fantasticfedi On Fedi I feel like I am talking to real people, even though most of them dont use their real photo (so dont I), they feel more real to me than the clout chasing social media buffoons.

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