What's and why is it trending...
Oh, it's just Etherpad???
That can't be right.
Ok, they do more stuff, but I'm still confused :ablobcatgooglymlem:

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thought peertube was a thing? who is @Chocobozzz anyway? is a person or group of yellow-furred, ostrich-like birds?

@nergal I could be wrong... idk. Maybe they just host but it's more likely that @Chocobozzz works for them, as the website says this:

@Linux_in_a_Bit @Framasoft is a famous french organisation which promotes free software and provides web services (powered by free software, of course) to show it's possible to not use #gafam
See also

@oldsysops @Linux_in_a_Bit If you want to learn more, we've just published our new donation page, with a whole card deck to show the scope of our actions :

(it is translated into English, but badly, we will improve the translation in the next week or so)

@Linux_in_a_Bit provides what corporations profit off peoples' needs. they also give persons the means to host things themselves. etherpad is realtime collaboration on a text document, with version control and other used features. google had tossed it to public domain(better than other corporations that will not be advertised that prefer to patent-bury, seal or lock it away in the fortress of solitude for a thousand years).

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