Linux on the desktop will never be as smooth as OSX, have as many programs as Windows. GIMP will never be Photoshop, editing video will never be the same as Windows, games will always run better on the platform that they're written for: Windows. There will always be loudmouth jerks in the community. There are a million reasons not to run Linux or BSD on the desktop, if you disregard freedom and community. I hope that a free desktop can persist if people give up because of the imperfections

@murph All of those are kinda true, but that is really only because people believe it to be. If everybody use GIMP, people would say Photoshop is garbage. They do all they need to. Kdenlive is good enough to be compared to Adobe and Blackmagic's offerings, but nobody does because they've never heard of it.


@murph Oh, and then there's blender, which is the industry standard don't forget...

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