After fiddling with a VM for a few hours, I gave up and screen recorded using the installer.

New Video 🎉

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@Linux_in_a_Bit I'd personally disrecommend it at this point

Windows big updates are known to possibly fuck with grub

There's also that Windows does its own partitions so you'll most likely have to skimp on some Linux standards partitions

I'd simply recommend quarantining that crap in another drive

@coolboymew True. I think just trying to run programs from windows on WINE is a better option, but that sometimes doesn't work (ofc there's a VM too). The other issue is that people will just spend most of their time in one OS anyway, so whats the point?
I think who it is mainly for is people with a laptop who are hesitant to try Linux, and it can get them to try it :)

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