Your smartphone broadcasts your exact location thousands of times per day to dozens of different companies. Each has the power to follow individuals wherever they go, in near-real time.

That’s not a glitch in the system. It is the system.

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Burnout can be a huge problem in high-intensity careers like system administration. Here's how to recognize when it's happening to you and others, along with what to do in order to recover and avoid the problem in the future.

Question #2: If you WFH, how does your PHB deal with that? Well? Sucky? Why?

For a new article, If you WFH:
What do you like most about WFH?
What do you most dislike?
Is it working well for you and why?
Does it suck and why?


For another article I am working on - When you upgrade to a new release of whatever Linux distro you use, how do you deal with backup and restore of your home directory? I am interested not only in the tools you use, but also what you choose to backup.


I am getting ready to do an article about reporting bugs, specifically to Red Hat. I have done so and was wondering if any of you have. I would be interested in your experiences whatever the project. Pls let me know. Thanks!

Just discovered Mastodon from this article.

I am looking forward to a much better social media experience.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...