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Pick lets you pick colours 🎨 from anywhere on your screen. Zoom 🔎 all the way into pixels to pick just the right one. Show your colours in your choice of format. Available in the Snap Store for #Linux

snap install pick-colour-picker

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Just try it out! Yet if Icecat serves you well...

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There are lots of videos to get in the mood postumely though! :thinkhappy:

"Freedom browser" series part 3!

The developer of aforementioned Librefox seems to have DISAPPEARED.

The community is wondering whether Mozilla (makers of Firefox) is behind it.

Yes: Mozilla has been very sketchy on recent times.

They were supposed to be the big torchbearer for freedom but have in opinion of many actually turned against the people.

Meet LIBREWOLF. A forked Librefox, then.


"Freedom browser" trend continues | Librefox: Browse With Freedom.

This project aims at enforcing privacy and security of Firefox without forking the project.

500+ privacy / security / performance settings, patches, addons & cleaned bundle of Firefox (updater, crashreporter and Firefox's integrated addons that don't respect privacy are removed).

Librefox is NOT associated with Mozilla or its products.




Make sure you have microsoft fonts installed first of all.

sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

> Run sudo su to gain root privileges.

> Run echo “DefaultLimitNOFILE=1048576” >> /etc/systemd/system.conf

> Run echo “DefaultLimitNOFILE=1048576” >> /etc/systemd/user.conf

> Run systemctl daemon-reexec.

These are said to be are necessary for GTA V to run...


SailfishOS as a daily driver since 2013. All needed, SFOS does and is capable of.

Check out Leszek Lesner's YT videos for more in-depth views etc:


Jewels from SouthEast LinuxFest 2019 part 2: Michael Tunnell - Kdenlive: From Beginner to Advanced Video Editing.

This talk is a guide to learn Kdenlive whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

He'll take you through learning the basics of Kdenlive like core functionality, how to avoid pitfalls, and even advanced techniques.


Jewels from SouthEast LinuxFest 2019 part 1: Noah Chelliah - Why We Need Linux on The Desktop.

MacOS has come along way, Windows 10 is (marginally) better than previous version, is there still hope for Linux on the desktop?

Right now is a golden opportunity for Linux to succeed in a space where everyone else is focusing on mobile or cloud.


Switched To Linux: Dissenter Web Browser (a new open browser for free speech).

Gab released a fork of the Brave browser to integrate their free speech plugin. Today he has a quick look at this new "freedom browser".

Dissenter has the most popular Linux distributions covered & it is in the AUR for Arch and Arch-based distros such as Manjaro Linux.

== >

@Akzel Well, they are in it for profit also; there is a "Ultimate" edition which is not free.

Go figure. I would love to just support them via merch / Patreon rather than this type of model...

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Tom of Switched To Linux considered it polished and improved experience but also added this:

"Except it does contain telemetry by default and does not disclose on install that it pings home regularly."


Interesting times of change are at hand indeed, it seems.

What time to be alive as a Linux user overall :thinkhappy:

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Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:

Huawei: Linux-based Sailfish OS as Android replacement?

Aurora OS indeed is a Sailfish OS fork. It is based on open-source Sailfish OS mobile Linux operating system, made by Finnish company Jolla.

Known for privacy and security SFOS could prove beneficial for Huawei which can utilize the very trait for its smartphones.

Sailfish OS is also known to be compatible with Android apps as well.


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