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Protip: avoid software that invades your privacy and feeds off your private data. Try the fast, open, and privacy-respecting alternative to Windows and macOS at
RT Windows is recording every keystroke on devices with handwriting recognition enabled


@ninethlion I suppose by the default they are, different set of pre-installed programs etc.

One can install any other DE on pretty much any distro, than what was started with :thinkhappy:

Samsai, from Gaming On Linux fame, is streaming *native* Linux games once again.

The legendary Friday Livestream with Samsai!

Tonight's showing: Distance 1.0 and Wizard of Legend. Also continuing our play through of Arx Fatalis with the Arx Libertatis (free and open source engine) on the latter half of the stream.

Starts in 5 minutes.

-Streamers @Samsai

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Streaming *native* Linux games again at in 15 minutes. Tonight's showing: Distance 1.0 and Wizard of Legend. Also continuing our playthrough of Arx Fatalis with the Arx Libertatis engine on the latter half of the stream!

Destination Linux | Episode 88: "Ask Us Almost Anything".

On this episode of Destination Linux, they talk about the latest releases from Parrot Security, Tails Linux, Eelo, Sailfish OS, Nano +more.

They also discuss the really interesting Ask Me Anything community interview the Arch Linux team had on Reddit.

Latest from AMD and Tuxedo Computers. Tips, tricks and software spotlight picks.


@tuxedocomputers Too much? Mostly? C'mon 😀

Just sayin', 'cos the sole reason for so many people ascending to Mastodon was not to use the birdsite no more in any way, for one reason or another.. 🤔

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In case you missed it, we released the Librem Key today! Learn how the Librem Key could help secure your laptop -

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Tor users: We need your help!

What do you use Tor for? Why do you need it? What has Tor done for you? What could have happened if you weren’t able to use Tor?

Here's how you can share your story with us:

@Jrhd437 Ever thought to give Sailfish OS (from Jolla) a chance?

One can flash it officially to Sony Xperia X phone for example.

Switched To Linux (podcast): "Linux Foundation Code of Conduct: Why the Debate?"

The Linux Foundation adopted a code of conduct and the community went crazy.

Is there concern or is this a good move? Why the debate? Tom the host will talk about these things on this episode. Meritocracy or inclusiveness?


Free Software Foundation Europe: "Go open today, there's no excuse not to" - interview with Timo Aarnio, GIS expert at National Land Survey of Finland.

"Oskari" ( is a Free Software platform for browsing, sharing and analysing geographic information from distributed data sources.

Awarded 2nd prize in the cross-border category of the European Commission's Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest


@BO41 @ChrisWere BTW, many people also kinda have to use Tor Browser, if many websites are "blocked" in their country.

@BO41 Best way to find out is via try it on as a "daily driver" :thinkhappy:

There are ways to stream, watch videos apart and out of YT, too.

@matt @jt Telling the truth has indeed become a revolutionary act :thinkhappy: in these current times.

"the powers that be" only still exist, because not enough of their lies and deceit still hasn't seen the daylight amongst common people... But that day will come, in our time 💪

@spelk And if you ever wish a rolling release model, Solus has been the most stable and reliable one i've used. Even more so than Manjaro, and that is a fine merit.

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A mature fellow, with a hankering for control over my own computing.

I've admired Linux over the years, but have only just moved my main box over.

My distros:
Desktop: Mint 19 Cinnamon
Laptop: Mint 18 MATE
Old Laptop: Bodhi 4

Previously bewitched by OpenSUSE, Peppermint, Porteus, Lubuntu, Linux Lite.

Simplicity, Choice, Freedom and Control - along with Ethical, Sustainable computing all figure into my love for Linux.

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