:: Open source TeamViewer alternative is here!

RUSTDESK :afire:

This remote desktop software works out of the box, no configuration required.

Full control of your data, no concerns about security. Use the public rendezvous/relay server, or self-host (or WRITE your own server).

How about that? Good times! :linux:


@Linux Yeah that's fantastic and we've integrated it into our TROMjaro Linux.

@Linux this would be awesome if it would actually be accessible to screenreaders and other forms of assistive technologies that rely on the accessibility api(atspi) on linux) On linux, orca doesn't recognise the gui at all, grouping it all in a so called drawing aria. On windows, I heard it's better, but not by much, only object navigation and ocr make the app usable.

If sciter is something like electron, then #rustdesk could run from the browser too!

Which is apparently already done, here is the demo

@panigrc @Linux Thanks!

I may be mistaken, but Sciter's source isn't available, so I'd rather use the web based version even if browsers are fat. It's better than loading and running random blobs.

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