:: GIMP 3.0

One can often hear "GIMP will never level Adobe Photoshop".

Lack of proper funding hinders the roadmap considerably.

Efforts now done towards GIMP 3.0 (and the switch to GTK3 +upgrades such as GEGL image engine) aren't talked about enough?

Non-destructive editing will put GIMP on the spotlight the way 2.8 did for Blender?

Please support by testing, spreading the word (and DONATING if able).


@Linux Some of us don't just use gimp because it's free, some of us don't like photoshop. Gimp always had a better workflow for my uses. (though personally I can't STAND the new gimp interface, it's far harder to use than old gimp, thankfully they kept options to revert it to the old UI)

@raptor85 @Linux I recommend krita. I find it much more intuitive than both. I totally agree. Photoshop is backed by a 180 billion dollar company.

There is no way GIMP will ever get close to Photoshop in terms of features because of this but the fact that it is able to get as close as they are right now with limited funding is already amazing.

@SuperDicq @Linux in the 90s i was in their irc and they would often reject features because nobody on the team wanted to use that function. i don't know if they have changed but it was orginally an itch-scratching project rather than a replace-photoshop project.
@Moon @SuperDicq @Linux tbh if i was going to pay for any of them right now it would be krita.
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