Canonical: How to make snaps faster.

Snaps (and flatpaks for that matter) are a work in progress to unite Linux OS's. They're great for new users +those who treat a PC as just another occasional gadget in house.

No more obsolete and cumbersome PPA adding.

Speed relates to the user experience. With snaps, there are differences in execution times compared to ye olden Linux way. However, it is possible to even eliminate the gap!


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@Linux I installed flatpak, thinking I'd be able to exec "flatpak someapp." It works nothing like that apparently. 60 seconds in "man flatpak" was inscrutable. apt-get remove flatpak.

@alrs @Linux its literally flatpak run it’s written on every app page what?
@alrs @Linux
IIRC it's <flatpak run someapp>, but package names are obtuse. For example, Koko (KDE Image gallery) is org.kde.Koko or something. Good luck finding out what is the package name! It's really awkward to use in the CLI.

You're still using apt-get? I've switched to plain apt a long time ago. Although I'm not a heavy user.

@normand @Linux Yeah. WTF. I just want to run the flatpak, not "install" it or figure out its namespace. Is there any reason to use "apt?" It looks like apt-get but with some trashy terminal statusbar games, IIRC.

@alrs, I’m not @normand but apt and apt-get are largely equivalent, except that there are a few additional subcommands under apt (e.g. those from apt-cache) and the shorter-to-type one has a flashier UI. In other words, you are not missing anything.

@alrs @Linux
LOL, trashy terminal status bar games is what I like about it. 😄

I admit I don't know about the technical differences between the two.
As a former PPA package maintainer, give me an obsolete and cumbersome PPA over a freaking snap any day.
Of course one has to validate a PPA before starting to use it, making sure it won't replace system critical libraries with newer versions.
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