PinePhone is now upgradeable with more RAM & storage!

Linux on mobile getting more and more delightful; The new boards offer 3GB of on-board memory and 32GB of flash storage.

This is up from the 2GB/16GB combo offered on the original and early-doors handsets.

Newer versions of the PinePhone, including those sold with postmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch and Manjaro.

PinePhone is also up for more security than any stock android device.


@Linux I’m a UBPorts owner and my upgraded mainboard is already ordered :blobthumbsup:

Seriously hyped. Having a upgraded ubports phone is badass. :ablobhype:



What can Purism's Librem5 be considered at this point - it is getting disheartenening, thought i still believe they'll deliver.

@Linux You know — the problem with the Purism offerings is that they are just too expensive. The “magic sauce” of the pine has been its cheap enough that you can buy in without it being some major investment.

There is no question that the Librem5 is a better phone, better hardware, etc — but that’s a lot of money. More than I had to spend on something like that. The pine hit a sweet spot, its “good enough” and “cheap enough”. That’s the biggest draw of it.

… that an future expansion, easy repairs / upgrades, etc. They are coming out with a physical keyboard /w extended battery too! Its a cool platform, even if the actual hardware speed is mediocre at best.



Oh yes: the price is just quite a bit too damn much. At least the Librem5 phone should be out already (and it is not in my understanding)...

Plus: here i am still using the original Jolla phone with the latest Sailfish OS :thinkhappy:

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