PeerTube needs about 13k more to reach that €60,000 / Live streaming feature!

A free as in freedom decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The fine developers of Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3.0 of PeerTube.

It includes all the things one needs to ditch Youtube!

Read about it via link & please support if able. We are almost there.


@Linux Live

> no chat

But then how will I know everyone's opinions on Communism while I'm watching artists work?

@malin @Linux
Use something like a matrix chatroom for the chat.

@dreeg @malin @Linux
No, really no, chat is part of common user experience with live streaming.

Using another tool outside the platform is just a nonsense 🤦‍♂️

@daycode @malin @Linux

It seems to be mostly because it's not easy to do it properly.

There are tricky aspects to consider since users will be able to watch the stream from an instance that isn't the one hosting the stream.

@malin @Linux correction: the live streaming section of "find more about" says:

> We want to lay the technological foundation for this live stream feature, so **this first version of PeerTube Live will be minimalist**.

So don't worry, we will get chat, but not now

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