LINUX GAMING: "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" (Definitive Edition) released!

More class A of AAA-gaming on Linux is here. It is highly recommended to purchase this from Feral Interactive's OWN store (via link below) to hand maximal support towards this quality house porting games for Linux.

Linux now has the full and complete trilogy of this Tomb Raider franchise series.



Steam reviews lately indicate "Very Positive" and all reviews end up with "Mostly Positive".

@igeljaeger Yea I thought it was the weakest of the three games in this series reboot. The first one is still the best in my mind. The second one (Rise) that focused on Trinity was okay, but the story was weaker and the new mechanics didn't add anything. Shadow has a garbage story, unmemorable characters, fails to suspend my disbelief and just felt super stupid and boring. Visually it looks amazing on an RTX card, but other than that it's pretty much trash. @Linux

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