Towards totally free & open computing: System76 ships new laptops without BIOS / UEFI.

Galago Pro & Darter Pro are two new Linux laptops shipping with Coreboot as an alternative to its proprietary counterparts.

System76 is known for their rock solid powerful line of Linux PC's with a support and enthusiasm second to none. From the boot screen to desktop "29% faster" than with BIOS, thanks to dropping unnecessary features.


@Linux That's fantastic to hear. Now all I need is $1,000 and I'll be set for one of their great machines.


My deep wish is one day to get one too. Until then i'll just keep on supporting them otherwise. Maybe some merch for Xmas :thinkhappy:

I am definitely waiting to buy another machine until I can land one of those jewels.

@Linux Looks nice! Anyone already using these laptops and have some feedback? 🤓

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