Windows 10 is DRM digital RENTAL media. You will NEVER own your PC again.

There are no tasks not to be accomplished with Linux of modern that one did via Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 setup now prevents local account creation; in practice it forces the user to sign in with a Microsoft account.

Read all about this ==>

@Linux I set up a windows 10 laptop for someone a while back. Told them it'd be ready in about 20 minutes, assuming i could just create an account for them and make it boot.
Turns out it took me over ome and a half hours because the extremely long "loading" screens, and the inability to just use a local account :(
Much worse than windows' setup used to be.


If the thing tanks out later on (highly possible after a bigger update) you could suggest Linux to this person? :thinkhappy:

@Linux Made me chuckle a little that the Microsoft account requirement can be bypassed by disconnecting from the internet - wasn't it Windows ME where you could just press escape to bypass the whole login screen same user authentication entirely?

Microsoft have come a long way, but somehow simultaneously not changed in the slightest.


And some say one has to tune and tweak too much on Linux 😀

"there is a workaround for this"

Tuning and tweaking from the get go creating an account. Nevermind what is in the store next for the innocent buyer of a new Spydows 10 laptop ...

@Linux I'm glad stop using Windows already and not going through dramas it creates...


Imagine the world without free software and Linux... We'd be in a massive dystopia :blobthinkingeyes:

@Linux hopefully there is some legislation soon, that will force computer OEMs to offer their computers also without Windows pre-installed. I really hate to buy a windows license thats going to the trash anyway everytime i buy a new laptop/computer.


Absolutely. I can't figure who would NOT hate that.

I wonder how long until the last batch of sheepy M$ believers will have their last straw :thinkhappy:

@aslmx @Linux not the best solution but Dell XPS13 Dev edition preinstalled with Ubuntu.

@g_love @aslmx

Nice! It might be the absolute best solution for many. In any case, Ubuntu rocks!

Often people forget who are the target audience of Ubuntu in the first place. Especially the "Archers" 😂

Misinformation. You can still create local account
Don't post such fud please


Possible. Anything is possible. It takes many hurdles and tweaking. You see, the point here is what Microsoft is on about by default.

How do you think a "common" PC user will approach this?

@Utgardloki @Linux
Your local account is in a dark cellar behind doors obstructed by boxes with a sign "Careful: Leopard", yes, that's how "possible" it is. Douglas Adams was a prophet.

There are a lot of pcs, offered by Fujitsu or Lenovo, with no OS on it. We always got these and had never problems, running debian, ubuntu ... on them.
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