Periodic reminder to move your free software projects out of Microsoft GitHub.

Here's my collection of public free software hosting sites.

Self-hosting a Gitea instance is also a good option if you have a server.

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@Linux @njoseph is commercial and hosted at Google Cloud so it's the worst option of all,in no way better than GitHub.But there are already four instances of GitLabs open source version in the list.


@nipos @njoseph

Ok, thanks for the info. Wasn't quite aware of those aspects.

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@nipos @njoseph

Just makes one wonder how difficult it is for any regular non tech savvy person to get any hold on ANY of this :blobthinkingeyes:

I thought GitLab was a fine choice myself until now.

Must be part of some grand plan from the shadows to fragment all off the charts. Control is the name of the game in this system, not money that much.

@Linux @njoseph Yes,it's really very difficult and I don't know why a open source project which wants to get more trust than Github is stupid enough to use Google shit 🙄 You can check where a site is hosted by entering its domain at or you can install the Cloud Firewall Firefox Addon to automatically block all server connections to cloud providers you can select yourself.But please note that this may break many websites.

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