This is great news! I just wish the trend was because people actually cared about the planet.

"55% of mobile phone users plan to keep their devices for 3-5 years" -

@hund It is of course all the way a good thing to use anything one uses to its absolute end of life.

But then there also exists "planned obsolescense" 🤔

@Linux @hund To be fair, I don't know how much use you'll get out of the battery after three years of use anyhow.

Perhaps since smart phones aren't the hot new thing anymore, they're less of a status symbol these days.

@ChrisWere @hund

I bought my Jolla One 2013 and have changed the battery one time.

Still use that phone as a daily driver but waiting for a replacement...

Librem5 might be it. Or, if that one does not materialize, possibly get Xperia XA2 and put SailfishOS innit.

Or a One Plus One with Ubuntu Touch... :thinkhappy:

@Linux @ChrisWere @hund Wait, is Ubuntu Touch still supported? Then I might switch off LineageOS.

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