South Korea is planning Linux migration as Windows 7 support ends.

The interior ministry will begin test-running Linux on its PCs. if no issues arise, Linux systems will be introduced more widely within the government.

They don't mention any specific distro such as Ubuntu, yet in future "hope to avoid building reliance on a single OS" which the case is now with Win7.

Linux ecosystem is flexible / adaptive.

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It's probably not the story you imagine. More much likely to be a hint to Microsoft to negotiate lower license fees to continue using Windows. Negotiation 101, out of the book.


Whatever the case, it cannot go on too much longer now since Windows 10 is such a shitshow.

I think you missed the part where Windows 10 is running on more than 800 millions of device (and that's official windows versions, not pirated ones):


So you reckon it is hopeless or what is your point?

Point is every OS has its own shitshow aspect, and don't forget that it's easier to "switch" to Windows 10 than to go to Linux Desktop all things considered if you come from Win7. That, and what governments need the most is software that is not on Linux (Office...)

@boilingsteam @Linux As a sysadmin, managing a whole bunch of Windows 10 machines is basically my worst nightmare.

I am living my worst nightmare.

That said, don't forget the millions spent migrating Munich to Linux, making employees happy, which was then promptly dismantled after some city officials had lunch with some Microsoft reps.

@izaya @boilingsteam

Also, i'm sure that the moving of Microshaft HQ to Munich had nothing to do with it ...

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