Darling: to run macOS apps on Linux!

Linux: to be THE ONE platform to run everything no matter the origin?

Basically Darling does pretty much the same for macOS software that Wine does for Linux to run Windows software.

In the long run, the devs would like to be able to run also iOS apps on ARM devices (like most Android phones).

Willing to contribute? Please contact them via link!

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@Linux I had hopes years ago when I first heard of Darling, but it was still in it's infancy and all that worked were command line programs. Good to see that support for GUI apps is nearing usefulness, even if for simple apps. Wine took a long time to get to where it is now, so it may be the same for Darling, although crowdsourcing is more ubiquitous now than in Wine's early days, so Darling may have an advantage.


macOS / Apple less and less relevant, it seems?

For instance in gaming, has not Linux already surpassed macOS.

@Linux I wouldn't go that far. Apple still gets AAA titles even though their hardware is quite lacking for gaming.


Hardware is lacking for gaming on Apple devices, and now Linux crowd has Steam Play / Proton for even new AAA-titles :thinkhappy:

@Linux Well, on the Macs, possibly, but on iOS, it's just beginning. Remember, Apple looks to be moving to iOS as the successor.

As much as I appreciate SteamPlay/Proton, I'd much rather see more native games and support those on Linux. I fear many developers will use Proton as the easy way instead of doing it the right way.


Indeed native ports are the ideal. Absolutely.

Many people have converted to Linux from "Spydows 10" exactly due to Proton and working AAA-games.

Most users are satisfied when a game just works. They don't care the technicalities.

Here's another scenario: every Steam Play / Proton game sold and gamed on Linux wil show as a Linux sale to the developers...

Time will tell if it then encourages them to release natively on Linux as the numbers grow and ways to do it get better.

@Linux That's good and all, but I worry that devs will just lean on that instead of native as time passes. I'd rather Proton be the exception and not the rule. But I guess I'm just a crotchety FOSS graybeard. 👴

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