Librem One.

Purism is a privacy-orientated Linux device company. They have launched a bundle of mobile apps / services for Android and iOS.

* Librem Mail – Encrypted email client
* Librem Chat – Matrix messaging app
* Librem Tunnel – Private VPN tunnel
* Librem Social – Public social networking

The aim is to sign up 5,000 backers by the start of July.

Bear in mind: there’s also a free plan!

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@Linux the rebranding of apps the use really but a sour taste in my mouth with out giving credit to developers

@Chris_walz Maybe email them about it? They could quite possibly add some credits.

@Linux got to admit I’m not very happy about this.


What if they'd give credit to the developers of whom work this took off?

@Linux well that’s just one part I don’t like. Another is the fact that they should focus on one thing at a time (phone) instead of piling on unnecessary workload.


There is also Necunos for an alternative.

These Finns actually got a similar device out already the first in the world ==>

@Linux why is librem 5 getting all the attention then?


Not for the regular former Google Android user, no; Necunos takes the security even further.

Necunos NC_1 is aimed for developers, early adopters, FOSS and Linux enthusiasts.

It does NOT have a cellular modem for security and privacy reasons so you can be sure there is no backdoor access through it in your device.

@Linux is there a comparison anywhere? And when do they sell?


"Necunos NC_1 First Batch has ended. Stay tuned for the second one!"

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