Linus Tech Tips | Microsoft should be VERY afraid of Linux gaming now.

Noob's guide to Linux gaming.

Finally a video by a mainstream youtuber covering Linux without inaccurate information! Probably the most Linuxy content yet seen on that channel.

What interesting times of growing transition away from Microshaft and its cronies towards, not macOS, but indeed LINUX.


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@Linux i think the biggest fear for microsoft is people finally figuring out that hey if we make our games using vulkan it's actually easier to make crossplat versions with minimal effort

@Linux Like I said before, it is funny that a channel with "Linus" in the name is so ignorant when it comes to linux. There were a few mistakes in this video, but there otheres are also pretty bad.

@Linux what about art programs like clip paint studio and sai (dont really care for photoshop) most of the art programs on linux dosen't really fit with my needs

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