Necuno / KDE to collaborate!

Necuno Mobile is a truly open source / secure mobile hardware platform running Linux.

Plasma is a free & open source graphical user interface developed by KDE. Their Plasma Mobile platform is an effort to bring the Plasma graphical user interface to mobile devices.

Plasma Mobile and Necuno Solutions are a perfect match with shared values.

Interesting mobile Linux times ahead.



The world's first that one. Purism's Librem 5 coming later on then, too.

Interesting times!

@Jameshjacksonjr@octodon.sociaVery nice; lots to choose from too.


Brilliant factor indeed.

The main dev Aleksi Suomalainen was involved in OSIBus, Meego, too.

@Linux nice to me the necuno looks to be the best one what do u think?


Yeah, Necuno would be the one i'd get for secure device.

It's interesting though what Purism eventually comes up with.

@Jameshjacksonjr That is one of the reasons why the price is such.


From the website:

"Why is the price so high?

Making a fully open source hardware in the mobile phone formfactor is extremely difficult.

We also use high quality components in a way where we can make sure of their security.

Manufacturing in Finland also drives the price up. Security is what you are paying for in Necunos Hardware."

@Linux yes price is worth it im getting one some time this year


Will be interesting to see whether also private companies / governments are gonna decide on

Russia for instance is moving everything mobile on (they have rebranded it as Aurora OS).

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