Canonical extends Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS support to 10 years!

These news elevate Ubuntu to even more enterprise-friendly Linux distribution. LTS= Long Term Support.

Businesses care about stability; the latest and greatest features not so much.

They care about once something is set up and working that it keeps working for as long as possible.

Smart, Canonical, now that Winblows 10 just keeps destroying itself.


@yukiame but 18.10 is not supported but for few months anyway.

@Linux @yukiame yeah I'm sticking with 18.04 until I can't any more. Done playing games, these days I need my computers to work all the time!

@Linux Wasn't expecting that, but it does make some kind of sense. Supporting any complex software for ten years is going to be hard.

@bob @Linux It's not going to be done by this volunteer, that's for sure. Not that Ubuntu applies to any Debian packages I maintain (I think).

@bob @Linux Blub. Not that *Ubuntu LTS* applies

Words are hard.

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