USA voting machines can be easily hacked remotely.

Harri Hursti, a Finnish programmer, created a hack represented in this video that proved America's elections can be stolen using a few lines of code.

Hursti said, just a simple vote count change is enough. "If you make a small modification in a small number of counties, that’s enough to swing the state."

Harri Hursti was a victim of an attempted murder in 2013.


@Linux I wonder how hard would it be to create opensource & openhardware voting machine? Of course, getting politicians to use it is another matter, but the safe and secure technical solution should be doable. Then if they still prefer the vulnerable machines at least their intentions will be pretty obvious

@Linux heh, turns out some are already doing it, just watched some Defcon videos

@Linux This is the point to electronic elections. There are plenty of ways to do reasonable and verifiable elections.

This is never done _anywhere_ because we might accidentally wind up with people selecting their leaders and representatives with no help from their leaders and representatives (and the people paying for them.)

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