A new Linux smartphone is coming!

With an affordable price, too. Pine64 is behind this device running KDE Plasma.

KDE Neon creator Jonathan Riddell revealed this at Open Source Summit and it will be called PinePhone.

You can expect this open source Linux smartphone to cost $100+ for 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.


@Linux ... guess I'll hang on to my old phone just a little while longer

@lunchgirl Feelings mutual; mine is the original Jolla (SailfishOS) from 2013.

Neat, I might have to grab one for travel or something along those lines.

@Linux Those specs seem kind of anemic; here's hoping that the relative efficiency of KDE (being C++ and not Java) makes up for it. I'm interested, but would prefer 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage instead.

@Linux wow, so ... 100$ is pretty impressive. Not a review, haven't tried it, etcetera.

I probably won't buy it, one lightweight extra laptop should be enough..

@Linux I assume it is yet another amazing device that won't work in the North American monopoly.

@sikkdays Remains to be seen. Very sorry if the case will be so :blobthinkingeyes:

@Linux Please don't be vapourware, please don't be vapourware,, please don't be vapourware,, please don't be vapourware...

@Linux @Wimpress I've heard KDE Plasma mentioned on various podcasts. Is it specifically a phone thing?

@lopta @Linux @Wimpress KDE Plasma is a Linux based desktop operating system developed by the KDE project. The KDE project is also developing KDE Mobile for phones and tablets. Kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop and is a new user friendly way of trying it out. My spouse is brand new to Linux and really likes it. It is a really cool desktop with lots of modern features like KDE Connect that integrates desktop and Android phone.

Finnally an free software project in my budget. Might just actually get one of these too. Librem's phone will likely be pretty cool but it's just too expensive for me.
I really wish them well.

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